Why Quilbie Is Safer Than Other Baby Covers in the Sun

Why Quilbie Is Safer Than Other Baby Covers in the Sun

With a quick search, you can find many articles and safety experts that warn against using a blanket or baby cover during hot and sunny weather.

As one example, in an article published by TODAY Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, a Seattle pediatrician states: On warm days, it’s certainly possible to create a greenhouse effect in an enclosed space, like a stroller, even if you use a muslin cloth or other thin, free-flowing fabric that appears to be very breathable, she said.

In a test performed by the TODAY journalist, the article states: Without any coverings, the temperature inside reached about 71 degrees. With a thin cover, it soared to 93 degrees within 30 minutes. After an hour, it reached almost 99 degrees.

At Quilbie, we've performed out own in-house tests and can confirm these results from other baby covers or blankets resulting in a significantly increased temperature due to the "greenhouse effect" of allowing heat from the sun through the material and then trapping it in.

However, with Quilbie the results are much different. Thanks to the thermal lining of Quilbie's patented materials, heat that is transmitted from sun rays end up being blocked out, helping to prevent the greenhouse effect.

*Data from chart was collected from a test performed on August 18, 2020 at 6:00pm in Portland, OR with conditions of 83 degrees and sunny. “Traditional Covers" represent those made from 1 thin layer of cotton or polyester.


It's important to note that Quilbie cannot cool your baby's temperature below the ambient temperature of being in the shade. However, it can help to prevent the extremely elevated temperatures when in direct sunlight.


Most importantly, we recommend that parents always closely monitor the temperature of their baby and check for any signs of overheating or discomfort. When using Quilbie, it is important to open the window flap or lift Quilbie up every 10 minutes to check on their baby.


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