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Four Tips for Flying with Your Baby

Going on vacation with your family this summer? One of the sweetest experiences. But actually getting there? Flying with your baby can be stressful and overwhelming which can start your family vacation off on the wrong foot.

We promise, flying with your baby doesn’t have to be miserable (for you or them!). Below are our top four tips for making flying with your baby easier than ever. 


1. Use pre-boarding. Pre-boarding may not sound too exciting (extra time on the plane with baby?) but trust us, boarding early makes things a lot easier. You get more time to get situated on the plane without a long line of other passengers behind you waiting for you to arrange your bags and get buckled in with your baby.

2. Protect your baby’s ears. Just like your ears can pop on a place, your baby’s ears can be affected by airplane pressure changes too. Sucking or chewing helps ease the ear pain, so you’ll want to have pumped breast milk, formula, a pacifier, or something else handy for your baby to suck or chew on. If your baby is older, a snack could serve this purpose as well.

Other options to protect your baby’s ears include EarPlanes, which are special ear plugs that come in a children’s size, or ear pain drops from your pediatrician.

3. Use a Quilbie cover. A plane is a different environment with strange sounds and bright lights that can make it hard for your baby to relax and rest. Our Quilbie covers keep your baby safe and protected from noise, light, and other elements so they can rest and you can relax, too. You can click here to learn more about Quilbie and order your cover.

4. Fly during baby’s nap time. This one can be hit or miss, but you can have a better chance of a calmer flight when you book your trip during your baby’s nap time. If that’s not possible, try to book your flight during a time of day your baby is usually the happiest, like the morning.

We hope these tips support you and your family in having your happiest summer vacation yet. Parents, what other tips would you share for flying with your baby? Let us know in the comments or over on Instagram.